PKLite SQL Client

What is PKLite SQL Client

        PKLite SQL Client is an Open Source Java SQL Client that can connect to any JDBC compliant database. It has basic query and update functionality and some simple database information capabilities. The goal of this project was to create a lightweight SQL client (~ 1 MB) that was portable, easy to install and be vender independent. There are still some issues to be worked out so that is can be completely database vender independent but with this new build it is able to connect to any database that has a JDBC driver and run on any operating system that has a Java VM.

Key Features

Features in Version 1
  • Connect to any database with a JDBC driver
  • Keyword highlighting
  • Results formatted in a table
  • Open multiple windows (MDI)
  • Connect to many databases at one time
  • Export results as a CSV file

Features Added in Version 2 (currently in beta)
  • Database dialects for multi database vendor support
  • Export results as an HTML document
  • Export results as a XML document
  • Data sources can now be configured in the program
  • Script runner
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